Nyíregyházi Kölcsey Ferenc Gimnázium - Nyíregyháza
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Cseh Imre, Dávid Balázs
Minden jog fenntartva, 2007
Kölcsey Ferenc Secondary Grammar School

Geographical situation:

region: Észak -Alföld
county: Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg
location: in Nyíregyháza (administrative and cultural centre of the county)
geographical position: 230km from Budapest, within 100km from the Ukrainian, Romanian and Slovakian borders

About our town:
population: 120 000
economic situation: industry, services, trade, agriculture (we are only 30km from Tokaj), tourism (thermal baths, lakes, zoo, open-air museum, woods)

Structure of our institution:
status: public school (state owned)
head teacher: Lajos Kalucza
number of deputy heads: 2
number of teachers: 44
number of students: 550 (out of which 416 female and 134 male)

other joined establishments:
students' hostel
gym (700m?),
2 computer rooms

Our school is a general secondary school with students from age 14 to 18. Our task is to give general knowledge to and prepare our students for higher education. Our students study a number of subjects, such as mathematics, history, Hungarian literature and grammar, biology, physics, chemistry, music, arts, P.E. and modern languages, each subject for a set number of years. Each student in our school has to attend lessons in 2 languages one of which is English and the other can be German, French, Italian or Spanish, as chosen by the student. We have fixed classes throughout the four years with 34-36 students each. We have four classes in each year, altogether 16. Each class has a different name (A, B, C or D) according to the specialisation it is involved in. We have classes specialised in all four of these languages and also classes with an elevated number of history and literature lessons.

Extra-curricular activities:
cultural activities: English drama club, film club, choir, private singing lessons, exhibitions of the students' works of arts
We also celebrate each national holiday with a special performance and from time to time we invite performers from different cultural areas.
Sports activities: handball team, volleyball team, basketball team, various sport programmes on special days of the school year; local, regional and national competitions and cups

How to contact us?
address: 6. Széchenyi street
4400-H Nyíregyháza
telephone: 0036 42 500059
fax: 0036 42 500058